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    PD Pro, Howler edition

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The latest version of PD Howler is priced at around $79 (prior versions around $49)

The latest version of PD Artist is priced at around $49 (prior versions around $27)

The latest version of PD Particles is priced at around $7.99

However, prices can and do fluctuate.

You can place your order on our BMTmicro secure online store.

You can find the newest version there, as well as older versions. If your budget is very tight, start with the prior versions and consider upgrading later, at strong discount.

Are you a Student? if you can email us a picture of your student ID, you'll get a voucher for a 50% discount off the regular price. This can be used for most of PD Products. details here

Upgrades: use a discount voucher (coupon) to upgrade to the latest versions from your current version of Howler or Artist editions, at very discounted pricing. You still get a full installer with your order. The old version does not even have to be working on the same PC anymore.

>>> Please contact us and ask for your discount code. Tell us in your email's subject line which version you're upgrading from and to. If you remember, tell us in the email body where you ordered it, especially if you didn't order it through us directly but through other sites and promos such as DAZ3D, Steam, Renderosity, and others.

Recalculate this!

How to use your Discount Code:

The online order form at BMTmicro will let you enter the discount coupon near the bottom of the form, and then hit the 'Recalculate button', to figure out the new pricing with the coupon. Make sure the expected price is shown then. If you don't see the Recalculate button, click the form outside of the coupon entry box.

Discounts for Students

If you are a student at a university, college, trade school, K-12, community college (even just for a few weeks) or other organization that teaches, including online schools, and even for studies that are not related to digital painting or graphics, such as job improvement skills (soft skills), you have our sympathy. We have kids in college too, it's not the cheapest hobby there is. So to make it a little easier on your wallet (or your parent's wallet), we invite you to learn to waffle and howl with Project Dogwaffle at a discount.

50% (!) off the normal price

Send us an email (send it to Philip) with a scanned image or a digital photo (from cell phone for example or any digital camera, webcam etc...) which clearly shows your name and the expiration date of the student ID. In return, tell us which version you want and we'll send you a discount coupon:

Note that unlike other companies which offer student pricing with limited-use conditions attached (such as non-commercial use of the artwork created with the student edition), we do not limit the use of PD in such way. You may certainly use your student-priced Project Dogwaffle for commercial work and we hope in fact that it will help you make artwork and graphics content that will sell and help pay your your college education.

Even if you only are a part-time student at a local community college and take one evening class per week or so, as long as they issue you a certificate of attendance or student ID, you're qualified.

If you have any doubts or questions please don't hesitate to contact us.


Site Licenses and Computer Lab (Quantity) Discounts

If you use PD personally, you know how great it would be to have it deployed at your school, college, work place or other institution.

We offer strong incentives for deployment of PD in computer labs and campus sites. Here are some examples, but contact us for additional pricing options which vary with quantity, your location (are you in Africa? India?, South America?...), the atmospheric pressure on Olympus Mons and other weird criteria.

Site Licensing Examples:

PD Pro Howler 

11-20 $250

21-30 $350

PD Pro Artist

11-20 $199

21-30 $299

Ask us for pricing in case of larger quantities and
other products such as PD Particles


Computer Lab
& Site


Home Learning


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