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Howler 9.6

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Introducing PD Howler 9.6, powered by Project Dogwaffle


 Keep it cute is v9.6

Pricing and Availability:

Howler 9.6 is a free update for users of Howler 9.5 - Learn more about v9.5 here
Purely Ballistic - Howler 9.5 Mountains

If you already have Howler 9.5, you will receive an email with notification for downloading your free update. If you have not received it by April 1st, be sure to check your spam box. If still no luck, contact us.

If you have Howler 9.0-9.2, you can get a discount of about 72% off the regular price. Great discounts are also available for upgrades from earlier versions, as well as sidegrading from PD Artist or PD Particles. Even if you have a very old version such as version 4, 3.x or v2 or earlier (wow!), contact us to request a discount coupon for upgrading to v9.5.

To order PD Howler 9.6, start here.

What's New in 9.6?

Version 9.6 of the natural media paint and animation program designed for visual effects work is now available. The new version is focused on improving the user experience on different kinds of hardware ranging from tablets to workstations, and adding new tools that are critical to visual effects, particularly in video content creation.

What's new in Howler 9.6?

A new Demo Reel

        Also, see the new Demo Real - so many things you can do with Howler (based mostly on v9.5):

Great new feature! The duplicate video frame repair toolkit:

The new duplicate frame tool lets you manage video that has been damaged due to dropped frames or improper transcoding.

The tool helps you to find dropped or duplicate frames, then lets you manage them, either by deleting them, or interpolating new in-between frames via motion prediction technology.

See this video for more info:

Other new features:

  • Revamped greenscreen compositing tool with color matrix adjustments. See video:

  • Revamped camera stabilization/tracking and camera motion removal/restoration tool.

  • Revamped navigation: Zoom from pointer location instead of to the center of screen. Optional scrollbars for when the CTRL-Shift navigation isn't possible, such as on tablets.

  • New Vector Blur filter.

  • New easy garbage masking for video using Alt key +  rectangle/ellipse tools. This applies the rectangle or oval fill tools across all frames of an animation or video

  • New benchmarking tool, the Dogmark. Use Howler to test the speed of different processors using academic image processing functions.

  • Tools for single point matchmoving.

  • Support for higher resolution monitors: Fewer stacked panels at the top of the screen when a 1080p or higher-resolution monitor is available.

  • Revamped and animatable rubber sheet tool. (4 corner perspective warp)

  • GUI tweaks. Menu links to free transform tools for image and alpha.

  • Color replacer had an issue when animating h/s/v changes.

  • added CPU fallback for foliage ambient occlusion that was only available on GPU previously.

Reminder: Howler 9.6 is a pay update to those using versions 9.2 and earlier. However, a special discount price is available. Those who previously upgraded to version 9.5 will receive 9.6 for free. The upgrade discount is available to users of all versions, excluding free versions.

Using Howler as an Animation Tool?

Here is a short summary: Animation in Dogwaffle -

Where can you learn more?

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